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Aidpage group discussing "loosing everything"...

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 in response to Concerned2day...   

Thank you for your words and the prayer at the bottom of your post.  I know I am not alone, though I feel it sometimes.  I feel like I'm failing my daughter as some of the things I had gotten for us, are now being taken away.  My daughter sees all of this and she's old enough to understand what's going on.  I feel embarrassed sometimes of this happening in front of her. 

I stand in agreement in your prayer. 

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Hi Angelbrat.

I am so sorry to hear about your battle.  I'm in a similar one of my own.   I understand perfectly about how living with depression.  I was diagnosed with it three weeks ago.  Most likely had it for a lot longer than that. 

I wish I could offer assistance as I too am facing a bad situation.  I keep hearing that we need to have faith.  Your breakthrough, as mine, is on the way.  You've probably heard all of this before, and I'm sorry if I sound repetitive.  

Let's keep checking in on each other as I'm sure we have some things in common. 


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I am trying to learn more about aid page.  I am going through so much hell right now and feel like I'm at the end of my rope, literally.  I battle major depression and have lived with a lot of abuse.  What I don't get is when you have helped so much in the past but when you need it, it's not there. Not even just help with someones time.  Not even to moe a few things because I injured my ankle so bad I can do it and everyone turns their back on you.  I just pray God turns things around before I have a complete breakdown.

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Descussing On loosing everything,

I had lost three house full of furniture, dishes,clothes,and ext. I had been homeless a couple of times in myLife time, I even walked awayed from everything 2 times of my life realizing theese are only material items that we are using in the time of staying on this planet that God created, And even in my life I was devorced 3 times and 2 times I walked away, going to court and fighting over it. Its easier to just walk away from it and it saves on stress and worries. Its easy to get free clothing, furniture and material items, Alot of the things I have now, is what someone else didnt want anymore, and actualy its better than I had. Just recently in october of 2009 we lost our house due to the economy with the jobs situations, We did well before my husband was laid off, where the money was good until he started his unemployment, the money isnt even enough for our little bitty lifesyle, Lucky to be able to buy toilet paper, but I tell you all With God in our life God Blesses us, maybe not when we are in need but when we dont exspect it and looking for it, It is suprising on what and when interveens in the time of our needs. By haveing total Faith and patience on waiting for God to interveen. We just didnt loose the house, We lost all belonings and pets, My deughter who is three do not understand the things God can do yet as she is to young But To see her hurt about looseing her Pets Hurt me also, But I know in Gods Time we will find a house that will fit us that we can afford and have a pet for our daughter, and we will sit and wait upon our Lord God and not be in a hury for it. God will let us know when the time is right for us and we have to have patients and understanding and not rush into it. We will Listen to God when he is ready for us to move on to something better for us. I thank You God for being there for us when we dont exspect it. And pulling us through the hard times when we also dont know where to turn to. You always come to our rescue at the last minute when we dont exspect hope. I CANT THANK YOU ENOUGH!

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